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            Getting Started with Google Classroom

            You can use your Google Classroom data to set up your classes and students in Typesy.

            1. In the app, click on the Admin tab to proceed to the admin interface.

            2. Click Classes and hit the Google Classroom button.

            3. You will be prompted to sign in to your Google Classroom account. Enter your account details and click Sign in.

            4. Once you have signed in, you will receive an authorization request to allow Typesy to access your Google Classroom data. To continue, click Allow.

            5. After you authorize Typesy to access your Google classrooms, a prompt appears which asks you to choose to sync with Google classroom. Select the classroom you wish to import, and click Import Selected Class.

            Your Google Classroom roster will then be imported to Typesy Classes. Your students can

            access Typesy using the Google account associated with the Google Classroom.

            Updated: 7 days ago
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