Where can I see my student’s progress?

Where can I see my student’s progress?

Simply click the student’s name from the Class Student’s screen or User’s screen. This should open the Student Dashboard. From there, click the Progress tab and you’ll see detailed information about the student’s progress for every curriculum and course the student has started.

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    • How do I Remove a student from the class?

      Go to Users then click the student you want to remove and you will be directed to the User’s Screen. Next go to Classes and now you can see the classes where the student belongs. Remove the student from that class by clicking this icon . Or you can ...
    • Can I set Goals for a specific Student?

      Yes you can. Just open the Class Students screen and click the three-dot menu at the far right side of the student’s row of information. Then click Set Goals. Turn on the switch labeled “Set Specific Student Goal.” Specify the goals you want for that ...
    • Do I have full Control of the Student Settings in their typing activity?

      Yes, simply go to the settings of the Class then go to Typing.You can now change a student’s Typing settings, whether to turn it on or off, or let the student decide.
    • How does Login As work?

      Login As allows teachers to see how their changes in class-settings are applied on the student's end. While logged in as a student, teachers won’t be able to make changes/progress. Login As is available in the three-dot menu on the student list and ...
    • What is the difference between Student Account and Admin Account?

      In Typesy for Schools and Homeschool, there are two types of accounts: admin and student. An admin account is for teachers, instructors, or homeschool parents/carers to set up students, assign curriculums, and monitor progress. A student account is ...