Where can I manage my subscription?

Where can I manage my subscription?

You can manage your subscription under the Subscription tab of the admin interface. This part of the admin interface gives extra power to teachers and admins or whoever oversees your subscription. With this view, you are able to:


Add users to your existing subscription,

Extend your subscription, or

Upload a purchase order


This saves a huge amount of time and effort, especially for schools. With this feature, you can request non-urgent changes without wasting time on the phone.

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      Go to the Account tab from your admin interface. Under the subscription section, there’s an extend subscription button.
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    • Our Typesy school subscription is about to expire. How do we renew it?

      You can contact our Customer Success Manager at bryan@ereflect.com (707) 666-3884 x 102 and he will take care of it for you right away. Also, you can extend your subscription directly in-app. In your admin interface, go to Account > Subscription > ...