What languages does Typesy support?

What languages does Typesy support?

Typesy supports all languages that read left-to-right and top-to-bottom. Although the menus and courses are in English, you can import and use typing exercises in any language. Click here to know how to add your own text.

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    • Typesy Accessibility: Mouse-free Support

      Mouse-Free Support You can access Typesy using only your keyboard. ​
    • What keyboard layout does Typesy support?

      Typesy supports keyboard layouts for US, UK, Spanish, Brazilian and Canadian Multilingual. To change keyboard layout, click your profile picture at the top-right part of your screen then select Preferences > Typing then select the keyboard layout.   ...
    • What are the different versions of Typesy?

      TYPESY INDIVIDUAL This is appropriate for Individuals who wants to learn how to type to boost career or study. It gives access to create up to 5 unique user accounts and each user account is unique from each other. Progress of one account can only be ...
    • How many Curriculums does Typesy have?

      Typesy has 2 standard curriculums, Professional and Interactive. Professional Curriculum: The professional curriculum teaches the basics of how to touch type. Starting with correct finger placement and technique and then progressing to speed and ...
    • List of supported files for Typesy Content Text

      Typesy can import and accurately convert files with the following extensions. abw pages wpd cbr lit snb ppsx doc pages.zip wps cbz lrf tcr ppt docx pdf zabw chm mobi txtz pptm html rst azw epub pdb key pptx lwp rtf azw3 fb2 pml key.zip ps md sdw azw4 ...