What is Admin Interface?

What is Admin Interface?

The admin interface is where a person in charge such as parent/teacher can manage all the user/student accounts.
The admin interface is available in Typesy Homeschool, Typesy for Business and Teams, and Typesy EDU versions.
To get started, go to www.typesy.com/help for Typesy Admin video tutorials.

With the Admin Interface, you can complete the following:

  • Account Management

  • User Management

  • Class Management



This part of the admin interface gives extra power to teachers and admins or whoever oversees your subscription. With this view, you are able to:

  1. Add users to your existing subscription

  2. Extend your subscription or

  3. Upload a purchase order

This saves a huge amount of time and effort, especially for schools. With this feature, you can request non-urgent changes without wasting time on the phone.


This section is dedicated to managing the school name and school logo. The ‘Settings’ tab allows admins to:

  1. Edit the school name and

  2. Upload a school logo

Both the school name and logo appear at the top left near the Typesy label in the admin interface. The user interface will show only the school logo.

Grading Templates

This is the third and last tab in this view. In this section, admin users can create grading templates. It also lists all the created templates for editing or deletion.

Creating a template is easy. You simply enter:

  1. The grading template name

  2. A description and

  3. Names for grades received

You can also choose the grading method. If you choose Absolute, students will be graded based on a direct numerical value, where the speed is above a certain result. If you choose Percentile, students will be graded based on a percentage, where the speed belongs to a set rank. The grades will appear as part of the results in ‘Tests and Assignments’.


The User View serves as your page in managing your users. This page will allow you to:

  • Add a single user,

  • Import multiple users,

  • Export your users, and

  • Manage your users’ information, progress etc.

Add a single user

To add a single user, simply click the Add User button and it will automatically create a window for you to enter the details of your user, like:

- First name

- Last name

- Username and

- Password

You can also keep the checkboxes checked for Generate Username/Password if you want Typesy to provide you with a generic login. The Email Address field is optional for non-admin users. You can check the “Admin Checkbox” if you want the user to be an administrator. The “Enroll in Class” drop-down option allows you to assign your user to a specific group.

Import multiple users

To add by bulk, you can click ⇧ to import from a CSV file. Once selected, the import users window appears where you can:

- Download a CSV Template or

- Browse your file to Upload

Don’t forget to select the class you’d like your users to be assigned to using the “Enroll in Class” drop-down option.

Export users

The “Export Users” function allows you to download your list of users, including their full names, emails, usernames and temporary passwords. Simply click ⇩ to export users.

Manage user’s information

You can click the three dots visible next to each user line to access more options; you can reset the selected user’s password, enroll the user and delete the user. You can also do the same things all at once by clicking the ‘Select All’ function.

Upon selecting a user, you’ll be redirected to their Dashboard which displays an overview of their typing. It shows their typing mastery, typing speed, typing accuracy, points, and graphs.

The Progress tab displays the user’s course progress. Every completed lesson gives you the option to print a certificate celebrating the user’s achievement.

The Enrollment tab. It shows the list of classes each selected user belongs to.


The Class View gives the Admin an easy-to-use, comprehensive work area, so that they can manage how their class learns, each classes’ access to lessons, which teacher will oversee the class, statistics and performance reports, and tests and assignments. The admin can also print out login information and letters to communicate with the users. There are seven tabs in this view:

  1. Overview 

  2. Students

  3. Teachers

  4. Reports

  5. Curriculum

  6. Tests and Assignments and

  7. Settings


The ‘Overview’ tab provides an overview of the class details. Within the Overview section, you can look at Class Typing Mastery, which provides you a direct report about how your class is doing overall. This graph allows admins to check class progress at a glance.


The ‘Students’ tab list all students who belong in the selected class. You can click on any student to view the student’s dashboard, progress, and enrollment information. These three student tabs provide in-depth information about the user’s typing performance, completed lessons, and more. Printing certificates are also a breeze in Typesy as the software supports print function across all the course steps the user has completed. This function is readily accessible in the Progress tab.

The student’s dashboard is the best way to check comprehensive typing reports for each user. You can customize dates to obtain each user’s typing mastery, their keyboard knowledge over time, and their typing speed and accuracy. You can also print out the reports out or save them as PDFs. There is also a Switch View button on the right side of the screen so you can switch between the list and card view. Card view is a user-friendly way to quickly and easily check if students have achieved their typing goals.


The “Teachers” tab is where you can add a teacher to the system. You can also assign teachers to a selected class here.


The ‘Reports,’ allows the admin to view class statistics and performance. You can obtain an in-depth report about your classes’ typing performance including Individual Student Reports, Typing Mastery, and more.


“Curriculum” will help you control which curriculum your students will practice. Each of the listed available curricula also has a More Info link to view further details, like the target audience and approximate learning time.

Test and Assignments

Under the tab labeled ‘Tests and Assignments,’ you can create customizable tests to reinforce the typing work your students are doing. Admins can set the parameters for the test, like time limit and the number of allowed attempts, as well as view test results and grades.

Class Settings

The final tab, ‘Class Settings,’ give admins full control over how their class learns, from disabling an entire section to set typing goals and minimum speed and accuracy. We created these features as a response to requests from various schools, so we are confident that they will help you as you manage your users’ learning.

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