What file formats does Spreeder CX accept?

What file formats does Spreeder CX accept?

Spreeder’s advanced technology can effortlessly and accurately import 46 different file and e-book formats. View Full List

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    • What is the difference between Free App and Spreeder CX?

      The free app only gives you access by copy and pasting texts. You don’t need an account to access the free app, therefore your progress will not be saved.  You can access the free app here: http://www.spreeder.com/app.php  While Spreeder CX is the ...
    • Do you have an iPad or iPhone version of Spreeder CX?

      Yes, both iPad and iPhone versions are available. Simply go to the App Store then search and download "Spreeder Speed Reading E-Reader and Trainer".
    • What is the difference between Spreeder and 7 Speed Reading?

      Spreeder is primarily an e-reader app with some guided speed reading training. It’s ideal if you want to load in e-books, websites, and other material and read it all quickly. Whereas 7 Speed Reading EX is more about teaching you to speed read. It ...
    • How to add my own text?

      To add your own text, go to the Play section, and then click the text link below the Menu. Then click Create Exercise and you can either paste text or import a document. Below are the accepted file formats supported by Typesy. abw pages wpd cbr lit ...
    • I'm trying to sign up but my email is already in use.

      If you have existing accounts of 7 Speed Reading, Spreeder CX, Vocab1, 7spell or Typesy, kindly use the same login details. Otherwise, reset your password using the “I forgot my password”.