Spreeder VIP's Home Screen

Spreeder VIP's Home Screen

1. Add text: You can paste a text or import from 52 different files supported by Spreeder to use as a reading material.

2. Home: Spreeder Home screen.

3. Added By Me: Where you can find the books you have added/imported. 

4. In Progress: Where you can find the current books you are reading.

5. Finished: Where you can find the books you have already finished reading.

6. Subjects: This is the library of Spreeder. Choose from a wide selection of topics, and choose a book you would like to read.

7. Tags: Spreeder Tags is a new feature that allows users to add tags to their books, similar to Gmail’s labels. With this feature, users can categorize and organize their books to make it easier to find and read them later. Whether you’re using Spreeder for personal or professional purposes, this feature will help you stay organized and on top of your reading list.

8. Search bar: Can be used to find a book from Spreeder's library that contains 20481 titles.

9. Recent: Shows what you have recently read.

10. Spreed: Where you can read, and the default home screen of Spreeder.

11. Course: Where you will find curriculums.

12. Words: This section is where you can create and manage your word lists. 

13. Profile: Where you will find all the data regarding your progress.

14. 3 dots menu: This menu can be accessed to change the theme, Edit Profile, change Goals, Preferences, contact us via Help, Users & Admin, and the Sign out button.

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