Save to Spreeder Plug In

Save to Spreeder Browser Extension

The Save to Spreeder browser extension is now available for Google Chrome and Safari. 

Instantly save any webpage or article to your Spreeder library. Spreeder uses smart technology to import only the text you want to read - removing unwanted ads, menus, and other extraneous content. 


You can import an entire page, or just the selected text. 


Instantly read any webpage using Spreeder's amazing reading technology - or save all your interesting content to read later in Spreeder. 


This feature is included with your existing Spreeder access. All you need to do is follow these simple steps then log in using your Spreeder account. 


For Google Chrome

Click on the link below to install the plugin from the Chrome store, then log in using your Spreeder account. 

NOTE: This is applicable to desktop only.

For Mac Users

Step 1: In the Safari app on your Mac, choose Safari > Safari Extensions

Step 2: Search for "Save To Spreeder" and click Install/Open in the popup Click "Quit and Open Safari Extension Preferences"

Step 3: Extension is now installed

For iPhone/iPad Users
Step 1: In the App Store, Search for "Save To Spreeder" and Download

Step 2: Once downloaded, it should be available in your Safari browser

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