How do I use the Bookmark feature?

How do I use the Bookmark feature?

Spreeder has a bookmark feature that allows you to put a word in a list, and go to its location. It works similar to a bookmark we use and put in between pages of a physical book, so we know where to continue where we left off or simply because we want to read the page again in the future.

1. To use this feature, simply click on a word while you are reading:

2. Select Bookmark and Note from the menu: 

3. You'll be able to see it's title, position in the book, and the word you've selected. You can put in a note as well, but it's not required. Once done, you can click on Save

4. The created bookmark can be accessed anytime by clicking on the bookmark icon:

5. Click on your saved Bookmark, and you'll have the option to go to its location or to update the bookmark:

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