How to navigate Spreeder?

How to navigate Spreeder?

Our help page provides information about getting started with your Spreeder account as well as training videos. Please visit this link:
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    • How do I Start the program?

      For the free app, you can copy & paste your texts in the Spreed box and hit the Spreed button to speed read. For the full version, Spreeder VIP  which contains speed reading lessons to improve your reading speed, you can start with the first course ...
    • What is Spreeder and how does it work?

      Spreeder is our "Speed e-Reader" Software & App. It teaches you the basic skills of speed reading at the same time you’re using it as an e-reader. You can upload PDF, txt, html, doc, etc... files on a desktop. The uploaded files and progress you made ...
    • (Spreeder Mobile) How do you Navigate Pages in text location dialog using gestures?

      Swipe left or right
    • Need Help with Your Spreeder Access?

      If you're new to Spreeder or have questions about how to use it, don't worry. Spreeder has a comprehensive help center that can answer all of your questions. Visit Spreeder's help center at, you can learn how to use ...
    • How to use Spreeder?

      To start using your Spreeder account, please follow the instructions provided in the Spreeder help section at: