How to get started with Clever

How to get started with Clever

To use your school’s Clever data in Typesy, you need to share Typesy data with Clever and list Typesy as an application.

Log into your Clever Dashboard and select Applications, then choose Add Applications from the left navigation window.

Enter “Typesy” in the search bar and select Request App.

You will be brought to a page where you can authorize your request to add the application. Select Already Purchased and click Request.

Now that the app has been added to Clever, you can share your data with Typesy.

After adding the application, the system will pop up with a prompt. Select the Share Data button.

From the data sharing page, specify which data Typesy can access. You have five options for how to share your data. You can select school, district, sections, rules or site sharing.

Once you have selected your permissions, click Save Changes.

Your Clever data will be reflected in Typesy within 24 hours.