How much time can I save by using Spreeder?

How much time can I save by using Spreeder?

If you read a lot, you can save 5-7 hours per week and possibly much more. Many Spreeder users are reading at 3-4 times their normal speed. This acceleration allows you to stay on top of all your reading, learn more,boost your career, be knowledgeable and interesting, and much more.

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    • What is Spreeder and how does it work?

      Spreeder is our "Speed e-Reader" Software & App. It teaches you the basic skills of speed reading at the same time you’re using it as an e-reader. You can upload PDF, txt, html, doc, etc... files on a desktop. The uploaded files and progress you made ...
    • Can I use my Kindle on Spreeder?

      Our developers have tested it with a couple of Kindle books but there might be some it does not work with. Can you convert the ebooks to txt using this web site and paste that into the app? If the Kindle books you have in ...
    • How to navigate Spreeder?

      Our help page provides information about getting started with your Spreeder account as well as training videos. Please visit this link:
    • What languages does Spreeder supports?

      Spreeder supports all languages that read left-to-right and top-to-bottom. Although the menus and courses are in English, you can import and use typing exercises in any language.
    • What devices are compatible with Spreeder?

      Spreeder is compatible everywhere: with Windows, Mac, ChromeOS, Linux, iPad and iPhone.  Hopefully Spreeder Android will be available later this year and all existing Spreeder customers will have access to it automatically at no extra cost.