How does the free trial policy work?

How does the free trial policy work?

Your subscription comes with a no-risk 7-day FREE trial. You can cancel anytime during your 7 day trial period, and you will not be charged. And if you continue past the trial, you can always cancel at any time - there are no lock-in contracts.

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      Mouse-Free Support You can access Typesy using only your keyboard. ​
    • Do your programs work offline?

      The program needs an internet connection since it is now cloud-based. Cloud technology allows users to access their account across different device that is why it requires internet to work.
    • What is the difference between Free App and Spreeder CX?

      The free app only gives you access by copy and pasting texts. You don’t need an account to access the free app, therefore your progress will not be saved.  You can access the free app here:  While Spreeder CX is the ...
    • Does it work with any language?

      Yes, it uses English as the main language but you can import/upload .pdf, .txt, .htm or .doc files with languages that read from left to right, top to bottom, and use the material uploaded for training and reading. 
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