Getting Started with Classlink

Getting Started with Classlink

To access Typesy using your Classlink credentials, simply add Typesy as one of your applications and assign it to your roster.

Step 1. Open the ClassLink Management Console.
Step 2. Click Applications, then select Add & Assign Apps.
Step 3. In the Add & Assign Apps interface, click App Library.
Step 4. Using the search bar, enter Typesy and click Add.
Step 5. Back in the Add & Assign Apps interface, locate Typesy and click the Assign button.
Step 6. In the Assign window, click the Add button for the desired profile(s), group(s), or user(s) you want to have access to Typesy, then close.

The selected profiles, groups or users will have access to Typesy in their own section of the application, and they will be able to log into their accounts directly by using their Classlink credentials.

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