Does Typesy teach spelling and vocabulary?

Does Typesy teach spelling and vocabulary?

Typesy includes rich word-learning features that are designed to improve the literacy of students. Teachers can create and assign word lists to their classes, have students complete flashcards and word learning activities practice typing with vocabulary and spelling lists, and more. While learning, students can look up any word and add it to their list. Teachers can issue word and vocabulary assignments to classes to further enhance learning and assessment. 

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    • What curriculum is included with Typesy?

      TEKS-Aligned Curriculum Typesy is the only keyboarding program with lessons aligned to TEKS. Typesy’s TEKS material comprises 308 courses and 2,348 lessons across 9 grades with a total estimated learning time of 200 hours. This material gives ...
    • What is Typesy?

      Typesy is a standards-aligned learning platform that focuses on typing (keyboarding), computer skills, literacy, and a transdisciplinary approach. Typesy teaches students how to type quickly and efficiently with a high degree of speed and accuracy. ...
    • Does Typesy teach digital citizenship and STEM?

      Typesy includes a full digital citizenship curriculum. It also includes over 40 courses on IT, computer skills, productivity, writing, and more. Typesy is a complete educational resource that goes far beyond just keyboarding.
    • What does the Words section in Typesy and Spreeder do?

      To put it simply, Words is an added feature. It is there to supplement the learner's spelling and vocabulary. You'll find this section by clicking on the WORDS tab in Spreeder and Typesy. Here, you can create a new word list to use. If you're under ...
    • What age groups and grade levels are catered for in the Keyboarding curricula?

      Learn the Keyboard Every student who uses Typesy learns to use the computer keyboard quickly and efficiently. Typesy includes four distinct typing curriculums, which are focused on the needs of different age groups. K2 Keyboarding - Kindergarten ...