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Customer Support Lines

We are highly regarded by our customers to be fast, accurate, and reliable. If you have any questions or if you require help with anything, you can definitely count on us to provide you with the best customer service possible.

Typesy and Wordela Homeschool:

You can click on the Support section from your admin interface to access the available options.

Typesy and Wordela for Schools:

The Get Help section is available from your Home screen in the admin interface or you can also click on the Support section.

Typesy VIP, Wordela VIP and Spreeder VIP: 

You can reach us by sending us a ticket here: Helpdesk or you can also head over to Users & Admin and click on the Support section.

Note: For VIP programs, you can go to Users & Admin by following the guides below.

1. Typesy VIP: Users & Admin

2. Wordela VIP: Users & Admin

3. Spreeder VIP: Users & Admin
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